Everyone We Know

February 2017 | 15 songs

Thundamentals announce their hotly awaited forthcoming album Everyone 'We Know,' out via their newly minted label, High Depth! The album details arrive after months of lead up since street track "Late Nights" premiered on Blue Mountains radio station in July. What followed were album tracks "Never Say Never," "Ignorance Is Bliss" (as part of their Got Love Initiative) and "Think About It" (feat. Peta & The Wolves), plus live shows where Morgs, Poncho and Tuka debuted new songs in front of thousands of fans. From the lush choral-jazz collision of the title track to the sublimely stuttering schitz of "Wyle Out Year" it's hard to argue with any suggestions – biased or otherwise – that Morgs and Poncho have stepped things up. 'Everyone We Know' boasts a musicality that is rooted in hip-hop, but at the same time transcends that label, offering something for anyone who simply loves music, no genre attached.

  1. 1 Everyone We Know (feat. Laneous)
  2. 2 Sally (fat. Mataya)
  3. 3 Reebok Pumps
  4. 4 Never Say Never
  5. 5 Déjŕ Vu
  6. 6 Think About It (feat. Peta & The Wolves)
  7. 7 Wolves
  8. 8 Ignorance Is Bliss
  9. 9 My Friends Say (feat. Wallace)
  10. 10 Wyle Out Year
  11. 11 Milk & Honey
  12. 12 Blue Balloons (B.Bąs Song)
  13. 13 Open Letter
  14. 14 Heard It On The Low (feat. Laneous)
  15. 15 21 Grams (feat. Hilltop Hoods)