Off The Grid

Bliss n Eso
April 2017 | 15 songs

CD Release Features 1 Additional Track! 2017 sees the hotly anticipated release of Bliss n Eso's sixth studio album, 'Off The Grid!' After completing their record breaking "Circus Under The Stars Tour" in mid-2014, the guys went back to the studio for the first time in three years to start work on their sixth album. Continuing the themes of positive thinking and self-belief that have followed their career, the first two singles from 'Off The Grid' reinforce that this truly is the beginning of an exciting new era for Bliss n Eso.

  1. 1 Off The Grid
  2. 2 Believe (feat. Mario)
  3. 3 Tear The Roof Off (feat. Watsky)
  4. 4 Coolin' (feat. Dizzy Wright & Rob Curly)
  5. 5 Dopamine (feat. Thief)
  6. 6 Devil On My Shoulder
  7. 7 Birds In The Sky
  8. 8 Friend Like You (feat. Lee Fields)
  9. 9 Blue
  10. 10 Great Escape
  11. 11 Whatever Happened To The DJ
  12. 12 Moments (feat. Gavin James)
  13. 13 1-800 Love Line (Skit)
  14. 14 Soul Glo (feat. Lee Fields & Tabi Gazele)
  15. 15 Travelling Band